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FitBit Versa 2: A Good Cost Effective Alternative to Apple Watch

With the advent of modernization in our lives that has driven us faster than ever, we need to keep ourselves equipped with the tools that best enable us to meet the frenzied pace. Once we used to access our desktop computers for our emails and office-related tasks; we had a handy watch with a buzzer sound to help us get up on time; there used to be a task planner, a diary sized booklet where we planned our year, months, weeks and days; all of these things were captured by the smartphone which only occupies the space of our pocket, and enables us to access these features anytime, anywhere.

But, the technology didn’t stop here, and now is the availability of smartwatches, which allows you to access many of these mentioned things (if not all) right from your wrist. One of the added facilities is that you can carry them on your wrist to all of the places, where a smartphone cannot be taken.

Famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Pebbles, Fitbit, etc. are offering different models with various specifications in the market. Among these, the Fitbit Versa 2 emerges as an optimum choice for smartwatch lovers and carries features that enable its comparison, preferably over all the Apple watches.


Capable of long-lasting battery for days, and offering almost all the features that an Apple watch does, Fitbit Versa 2 becomes a smart option to provide a touch of class at a much lower price. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices and can easily be paired with any smartphone or tablet/iPad to update with all the reminders, messages, emails, and to-dos planned earlier.

Among the attractive features are that it’s water-resistant, i.e., it can comfortably serve in the water up to 53 meters and can efficiently track the heartbeats. During the workouts or a walk, Fitbit Versa 2 will accompany as a virtual gym assistant that tracks the heart rates, and the step counts to enable the information that best suits for fitness.

As mentioned earlier, it’s quite affordable and is available for around USD 149, with a special edition launched with a facility of NFC tap to pay option and with a provided woven wrist band. Internationally, this edition can found at the price of Euros 199.

Experts have reviewed it for experiencing it from days to months, and have gone through various phases of their business and personal lives, from hardcore professional engagements to a family vacation. Their comments and feedback come out to be extremely affirmative, with some of them appreciating it over their erstwhile Apple watch.

Dominantly, many experts mention Versa2 to be a comfortable gadget, an adequate daily reminding tool, and a source of smart fitness tracker. Battery life has also improved as compared to the Apple watch.

With these all, it can help to track sleep, offering silent alarms on your wrist that generate pulses over your wrist to wake you up…and just you…without disturbing the rest of the family sleeping in the rooms to have them their own sleep schedule. It’s indeed a fascinating feature.

What it lacks when compared to Apple is its inability to offer deep hook-ins to your phone, which the latter does offer. Besides, GPS and cellular options are also missing in Versa, which are dominantly available in Apple products; but above all, the price is too affordable to absorb these limitations.

Aesthetic is another good part

Fitbit Versa 2 has a smaller size, with a compact and less bulky volume as compared to 42mm Apple Watch Series 3. With a square-shaped wider screen, it enables a comfortable touch and a stylish look that appeals to the viewers.

green FITBIT VERSA 2 on hand

Picture: The Fitbit Versa 2 with a dark green strap

Besides, Versa 2 itself is thinner than Apple watch with an included rubber band that simply adds in user comforts. Additionally, extra bands, like metal mesh band, and Horween leather, are also available to put on as per your desire but may find a bit difficult to attach/detach. Also, the mesh band in Versa needs manual adjustments, unlike in Apple, where mesh band works as a magnetic strap.

Among the many positives in Versa, the touchscreen appears viably impressive, being more responsive as compared to other Fitbit expensive options like Ionic. The three buttons on the watch will do all for the users, from task reminders to their alarms and fitness trackers. With clicks and click-holds, many options will appear to deal with it.

With its comfortable size and water-resistant quality, Fitbit Versa can stay on the wrist at all times. Either going to take a shower or to dive in a pool, Versa doesn’t need to be detached from the wrist.

Versa’s Watch Faces

Fitbit offers its own app store, called The App Gallery. It’s accessible from within the watch. In Ionic, a Fitbit expensive model, much of the apps were added last December. Now, Fitbit Versa is compatible with many of those, if not all. As the experts mention, the newer version of Versa will be made available with all of those apps soon.

The existing version of the Versa offers more than 50, with some of them quite peculiar in designs. These faces feature all the functions that the watch provides, tip calculators, the NY times headlines, E-Trade, etc. Still, many new faces are in progress by the developers, and the pace of the development is considered fast. Many of these will be available for free, and some could be available with purchases.

Apple doesn’t offer a watch face store at all, and this adds another favor to Versa. Some experts believe that for this year they might introduce one.  As of now, Fitbit’s mixed bags of watch faces offer a wide combination of both: fancy and ugly choices. Overall, it feels good to see all of them as numerous options.

Where Versa falls short

Although the more affordable version of Apple – Series 1 Model – stays more expensive than Versa but offers tighter integration with the iPhone. Additionally, the remarkable features upon which Apple has worked since long may not be served by Versa to the level of Apple Watch.

The overseas payment, an essential feature these days, works under certain limitations with the Fitbit Pay system, albeit the system is available for global transactions, but not all the banks are supported by Fitbit Pay.

It’s easier to pay and load apps in Apple, as compared to Versa. Versa offers a store where many steps are incurred to execute payments, which makes the transaction lengthy and annoying for the users. Receiving phone calls and responding to messages is slightly helpful in Apple as compared to Versa, especially when you are at home, as it enables you to field calls using the speakerphone.

Versa lacks onboard GPS services, which Apple offers readily. It may be a demotivating factor for the runners who like to use it for their workout, but usually, GPS isn’t a much-demanded option for smartwatches. Especially when it comes over the price, people often compromise GPS for a cheaper option.

In a nutshell


Shortly we describe Versa as a compact, light in weight smartwatch equipped with useful fitness tracker with a modern interface for compelling stat readouts. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters and is compatible to work with both iOS and Android. Most of the apps and watch fans are found out to be useful and attractive. Battery life lasts for multiple days, and that outclasses Apple watch.


Fitbit Versa has impressive battery life over Apple watch but slightly falls short when compared with other Fitbit fitness trackers. The watch faces and apps consume time to load. It lacks in GPS facility.


With this insight, we consider Fitbit Versa a magnificent blend of smartwatch and Fitness Tracker, which offers a comfort reminiscent of an Apple product at a significantly cheaper rate. The negative portion can inevitably be compromised over its features and cost.


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