FITBIT VERSA 2 latestgadgets

With the advent of modernization in our lives that has driven us faster than ever, we need to keep ourselves equipped with the tools that best enable us to meet the frenzied pace. Once we used to access our desktop computers for our emails and office-related tasks; we had a handy watch with a buzzer […]

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

The Nintendo Switch Lite is an impressive, compact gadget for those who had never used or were never a fan of the original Switch’s docked mode. The design is more suitable for handy gaming than the Switch while featuring the same performance. Pros Easily moveable Comfortable design Smaller and lightweight Good options of colours Cons […]

future of the world in 2045

We are obsessed with the future, at the cost of the present! This might be because the grass is always greener on the other side or the desire for an optimistic outlook on the future. There are reasons to look towards the future because research suggests that most of the jobs that will be performed […]